30 Traits of Highly Toxic People

Qasim Adam
11 min readJan 9, 2022
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Highly toxic people can be draining, destructive and difficult to deal with. If you have someone in your life who fits this description, you must learn how to manage the relationship.

There are many toxic people in the world. They can make everyone feel uncomfortable and unhappy. These individuals drain your energy, cause conflict and destroy relationships.

Managing a toxic person is challenging because they don’t want their negative behavior to change. They often deny their actions or blame them on others around them.

However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from these harmful individuals without hurting your feelings or being rude back to them.

Here we will discuss 30 traits of highly toxic people so that you know what behaviors to look for when dealing with such an individual!

1. They’re bullies

Toxic people behave in a harmful manner toward their peers. They intimidate others with threats and abuse, which may either be physical or verbal. Some examples of this would be blackmailing, stalking, spreading false rumors, making spiteful public comments to humiliate someone else, mocking someone’s appearance or beliefs, etc.

2. They’re self-righteous

Toxic people believe that they are always right and that they know best. Even if you show them proof that they are in the wrong, they will insist that your viewpoint is incorrect.

If you attempt to argue with them, they will make a point to belittle and insult you as opposed to having a healthy discussion or debate about their faulty beliefs.

3. Their comments are often rude and insensitive

Toxic people don’t have a filter on their speech, so their choice of words toward others is very disrespectful. They will often make inappropriate remarks or tell crude jokes that are tactless and insulting, especially toward those who are more vulnerable than they are (i.e., children, animals, etc.). Their lack of empathy allows them to disregard the feelings of others without guilt.



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