19 Traits of Highly Toxic Mothers

Qasim Adam
10 min readJan 12, 2022
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No one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes.

However, some mistakes can be much more harmful than others. If you are the child of a toxic mother, then you know just how damaging a mother can be.

Toxic mothers are manipulative, domineering, and often emotionally abusive. They rarely take responsibility for their actions, and instead blame their children for everything that goes wrong in their lives.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and just felt like they were draining the life out of you?

Well, there’s a good chance that that person is toxic.

Toxic individuals are those who always seem to put their own needs above everyone else’s and use manipulation and control to get what they want.

And while toxic people can be harmful to anyone in your life, if you have a toxic mother, the effects can be especially damaging.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 19 traits of highly toxic mothers so that you can better identify them in your own life. If you have a toxic mother, then there are certain traits to look out for. Here are 19 signs of a highly toxic mother.

Emotionally unstable

Her behavior is often unpredictable and emotionally unstable. She behaves irrationally and hypocritically so that you never know whether to expect warmth or rage. She makes herself the center of attention and rejects or criticizes others, especially those who won’t kowtow to her.

She is hypersensitive and finds it difficult to manage strong emotions, such as anger and jealousy. When she’s feeling down, she encourages other people’s sympathy while refusing offers of genuine support. And she expects you to divert all your energy into making her happy.

She has a massive lack of empathy

She is incapable of empathy for others’ needs, wants, and pain; she can never put herself in someone else’s shoes. She is unable to respect boundaries and chooses to take rather than ask or simply not bother.

She uses guilt to manipulate others and make them feel responsible for her wellbeing. And she demands that her needs always come first, regardless of the…



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